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The perfect home and garden magazine for homesteaders

If you have ever thought about becoming a rugged outdoors person, either alone or even better, with the family, the perfect magazine has been made just for you, Backwoods Home Magazine. To celebrate our new blog we would like to give our thanks to magazines like BHM for carrying the torch for all these years then branch out on our own adventures.

Ever since the Y2K scare and far before that, all the way back to the late 60s and early 70s, city dwellers have dreamt on occasion of a more isolated and natural way of co-existing with Mother Nature without becoming a wild animal in the process.

City folk have always been about depending on each other for a better quality of life, and that doesnt change when going out to live in the great outdoors, just that when in small groups, humans seem to work much more efficiently than when wholly dependent on industry and economic systems.

Ever since the first issue November/October of 1989, Backwoods Home Magazine has focused on sustainability and low-impact solutions for those looking to make real the dream of living in the great outdoors without sacrificing any of the comforts of city life.

Solar energy, low cost do-it-yourself housing, organic gardening, healthier cooking, whereto buy property and how, short stories that we can really feel, book reviews, focused advertising for products that homesteaders can depend on and have a long term life expectancy…etc.

Backwoods Home Magazine focuses on the North American continent and the many different environments found here. One of the major things BHM does is integrate the best of the outdoors with the best of modern achievements in technology, medicine and science.

BHM knows the public well. They know that people looking to live outdoors in North America are going there for a variety of reasons. Politics, crime and terrorism are just a few of the despairing aspects of what motivates people to flee the city.

But people reading BHM want less to know about what makes them flee, and more about what makes them dreamabout going into the wild. Love of nature, poetry, doing-it-yourself, foraging for your own berries, growing your own veggies, hunting your own meal, time to think, time to be free and at peace with the earth.

Anyone who has ever been in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire or any other organization that makes a sport out of what used to be necessary for survival in the days of Little House on the Prairie, knows that living in the outdoors is a passion and without that passion, it would be impossible for anyone coming from the city.

Children that grow up in a homestead or homesteading community wonder the very same things about those growing up in the city, and it really takes a dream conducive of passion to make a person go either way, much more so than fear or malcontent.

BHM is conducive of those dreams and passions. Each and ever element of the magazine, both online and paperback (which as of July and August 2006 completed 100 issues) looks to detail knowledgeable information about that specific aspect of outdoor living while at the same time inspiring readers to go out there and really do-it-themselves.

Historically speaking, BHM is a magazine filled with important information, articles, periodicals and testimonies as well as entertainment sections and inspirational reviews that make for a library worth of research, and thus they offer the most useful ones online for free.

Sustainability has always been about communication and isolating oneself physically is a choice that we can all make without ever cutting off communication from the world, something BHM has always tried to make clear.

BHM is about communication and the dissemination of knowledge. Jackie Clay, a low-tech, self-reliance professional who answers regularly with an excellent column called Ask Jackie, keeps post office mail and online questions current.

Excellent writers that are in-depth focused on research, accuracy and creative approaches to backwoods living are what compile the list of qualities imbued in BHM with such names as Massad Ayoob, Claire Wolfe, and Jeff Yago.

Not all the articles from any current issue are available online in PDF, but most of the best are.

BHM was never about making a bigger and better profit, rather the contrary is true, it was always about making due with what was at hand and sempre-fi, thus it has constantly been of quality, without costing an arm and a leg.

Taking care of yourself; is the main theme for Backwoods Home Magazine and one that is well placed, as self-reliance is really what making our own choices is all about. When we can depend on ourselves, we can depend on freedom of choice.

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