The Underground Fortress

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An off the grid bomb-shelter with style

As a one of a kind house goes, this one can be looked at as the greatest bomb shelter in North America, The Underground Fortress is really off-the-grid for urban dwellers.

It gets really hard to imagine how far, off the grid living has come since 1976, but the Underground Fortress takes it all the way.

Hand dug out over a twenty-year period, below an already existing house, The Underground Fortress is pure genius at its very best.

This dwelling is more than a basement bomb shelter; it is the ultimate in comfort, with a combination of small and large spaces, designed specifically for living far from skylight during long periods.

Complete with secret compartments and passageways, full supplies and survival gear to keep one or two families alive for a few years or up to 300 people alive for a few weeks, this is the ultimate in Y2K urban survival.

The architecture is unique for basement settings, taking the house into the absolute of luxury living, 45 feet below sea level.

So far below the sea level, that this house actually dug up seashells from aeons past, now on display as part of the tour.

Large open spaces, tunnels, ventilation systems, sump pumps, back-up rechargeable 12 volt battery system mixed with ground water purification and waste water management, all off-the-grid.

If you want to do this kind of thing yourself, keep some tips in mind; make sure your soil is appropriate for this kind of manual excavation, if there are lots of rocks or its a swampy region, you will spend more time and money than in soft fluffy top soil.

Make sure you have time on your hands and the joy that comes with basement remodeling.

If you dont have the skills for small space remodeling, you will need to do some research around how boats and marine architects have styled their own designs throughout history.

When in doubt, use arches, domes and round spaces, both for structural and psychological reasons, it opens the space and distributes the load.

Lighting! Make sure you use lighting that is as close to natural as you can get. White walls, pictures of beautiful outdoor spaces with sky and trees, such as Neueschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, and try to always use indirect light when possible.

Indirect lighting will trick the senses into thinking it is outside; nothing is as bad on the human brain as being stuck in a cave with a single direct light source.

Lastly, before embarking on your own off-the-grid bomb shelter, think what it is really for, your family, your relatives, just you? Because selling a house like The Underground Fortress is liking selling a mansion in Hollywood, very elite.

Make your own underground fortress a work of art and go off the grid in style

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